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Meet The dungeon masters!



Dylan is one of The Gamer Gauntlet's owners and his style is more directed toward the RPG audience. Immersion and creativity are the main focuses of his campaigns. He strives to get everyone connected to the players and NPCs of his story. 

Dylan and Grady both host their campaigns on every other Saturday of the week.



Grady is one of The Gamer Gauntlet's employees and he focuses his campaigns on a general mix of combat and RPG elements. He leans more toward the combat side of the game and does well with his group of evil characters. 

Dylan and Grady both host their campaigns on every other Saturday of the week.



John is a regular at The Gamer Gauntlet. He got back into D&D due to his son's interest in the game. His campaign focuses heavily on realism and a great mix of RPG and old school combat. 

John DM's a separate campaign on every other Saturday of the week. He does request that character creation be saved for when you attend his session so that he may make adjustments if needed.

Will you become a hero?

Dungeons and Dragons

Every Saturday our DM's host the classic Dungeons & Dragons RPG. The event is 100% absolutely free of charge to attend. We do not mind late arrivals and we always enjoy a good cosplay, so do not be afraid to join up in your favorite RPG gear! (No real weapons of course)

Where Is The Event Held?

We always host our events in our store located in Portage Michigan's Crossroads Mall. If the events ever get to large we do have access to a much larger location within the mall. 

How Many People Attend?

We have had a pretty consistent 25-30 people attend our event at any given Saturday. We are hopeful that by the end of 2019 we will have over 100 attendees. Our Wednesdays host anywhere between 5-10 people. 

What Time Is The Event?

All of our events run between 4:00pm and 9:00pm. We also offer major discounts to attendees and there DM's. All attendees receive a 15% discount during the event for the purchase of any Dungeons and Dragons branded items. DM's receive a larger discount of 20% off.